I was so impressed and proud of my daughter Stephanie when she participated in the 1999 Danskin
Triathlon.  There was an estimate of 2800 women ranging from the age of 18 to 80 in many shapes and
sizes registered for this event.  The participants are setup in three categories: Cancer Survivors, the Elite
and Amateurs.  Each had a personal challenge, dream or fear to overcome.  It was such a joy to see
everyone cheering and encouraging all who participated.

I wanted to participate…but I didn’t know how to swim!  I feared being in any water over my head.  I
approached my friend Islamah with the challenge to take swim lessons with me and after much prayer she

We began taking swim lessons in February 2001.  By March four additional candidates joined us(
Acquinetta, Ain-Akilah, Beverly and Vivian) and it was decided to form a team and register as Soul Sistas.

We scheduled our workouts (swimming, biking and walks) after work and on the weekends.  They soon
became “family outings” because our spouses, children and grandchildren wanted to join us as we
prepared for the triathlon in August 2001.  It was not an easy task; we all had our good and bad days.  It
was our Faith, Love and Trust in our Lord that gave us the courage and strength to conquer our fears
and to meet our goals.  We are truly stronger women in mind body and soul.

                                                                                                                                                                              ~Joyce LaBoo
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