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Faith the size of a mustard seed
Vivian Gordon
A Treasured Friend
Sunrise - 1947 – 2009 Sunset
Vivian: Courageous, strong will and joyful. She stood tall as she gracefully walked and always
wore a smile.  Her Love and Faith in God gave her Strength when she needed it most.

Faith the size of a mustard seed

By Joyce LaBoo
Vivian Gordon is one of the six founding members of the
Soul Sistas and participated in her first triathlon in 2001,
the Danskin. The August waters of Lake Washington
were a challenge for most early morning swimmers.
They found it very difficult to stay on course, but Vivian
was a good swimmer. Her strokes were slow but strong
and she was thankful she chose to have her swim angel,
Lisa Ballou, close by her side. Vivian made sure she
thoroughly enjoyed her first triathlon experience. She
took her time between events posing for pictures and
talking with family and friends. We believe to this day,
she stills holds the record for longest transition time.
Ballou, Vivian’s swim angel from the previous year. Lisa was so inspired by Vivian’s story
along with her courage and determination, she decided to organize her own group of 30-
40 cancer survivors to help them train and complete their first triathlon. She named them
the Kitsap Tri-Babes. Lisa motivated and inspired her team by sharing her experience
with Vivian the previous year.  During this event whenever we met up with a Tri-Babe
they would ask about Vivian. As of this day Tri-Babe membership is over 100 ladies.

After completing her goal to complete a triathlon, she moved on and challenged herself
to complete the Seattle Marathon in 2001 and the Portland Marathon in 2002 and

In December 2002, Vivan was diagnosed with colon cancer. She always thought her
training for the triathlons and marathons strengthen her and kept her strong during the
chemo and radiation treatments.  She continued to participate in several other events
after her recovery.  However, to much dismay Vivian was diagnosed in January 2005 with
liver cancer. This was a longer and tougher battle, but you wouldn’t think so when you
were with Viv. She was forever positive and felt blessed for each day. Vivian succumbed
to cancer August 2009. She inspired and touched all who knew her. I miss my friend and I
think of her often. Knowing now she is no longer in pain or suffering eases my sorrows.  

I am forever thankful God sent her to me.