The President's Challenge
Soul Sistas
Faith the size of a mustard seed

The Soul Sistas have started a group to take the President's Challenge together and you're
invited to be part of it!


The President's Challenge is a series of programs designed to help improve anyone's activity
level. Joining a group is a great way to make staying active easy.

To learn more about the President's Challenge, go to:


Staying active with others can be a lot of fun. We'll help keep you motivated - even when you
don't really feel like it. Groups are a great way to meet new people. There are even programs
for people at different activity levels: the Active Lifestyle program aimed at beginners, and the
Presidential Champions program for those who are already active.

Signing up for a group is simple. And there's no limit to how any you can belong to. You can
join or leave at any time. All you have to do is register. It's quick, and there's no cost just to



1) Go to

2) Fill out the registration form.

3) Once you are logged in, click on the tab 'YOUR GROUPS' and sign up to be on the Soul
Sista Team. Here is the team info to get you sign up

Group ID Number:
Group Member ID/Name:Soul Sistas

4) After registering, start logging your activities. As you log activities you'll be able to track
your progress toward winning a President's Challenge Award or Medal.

Good luck!